Thursday, October 7, 2021

How To Avoid Varicose Veins’ Recurrence?

 It has been observed that varicose veins may recur after primary surgery. According to research, the rate of recurrence is about twenty-five percent. The major causes of their reoccurrence can be the heredity and the propensity of varicose veins. In such a case, visit vein center Texas to get an appropriate consult from a vein doctor Texas.

Additionally, the reappeared varicose veins are more widespread after saphenous ligation which is about thirty-five percent than after stripping which is about eighteen percent. 


Patients who have gone through surgical treatments had recurrence issues due to incorrect surgery. According to the experts, the major cause of early occurrence of varicose veins is due to incomplete vein surgery. Moreover, about twenty percent of cases of recurrence of varicose veins are believed due to neovascularization, and a scattered few are due to abnormal anatomy. Therefore make an appointment at vein center TX to get the right suggestion regarding the treatment. 

Personal experience:

It was observed that several patients were referred to private practice offices where complications of treatments were recorded in a high manner. The doctors at vein clinic Houston recommended focused physical examination under the administration of standardized ultrasound examination. A venous map was designed in order to consider the treatment for each lower extremity. 

Patients and methods:

Sclerosant foam is created using two syringe techniques along with one-fourth of sclerosant to air mixture. The sclerosant was administered through one or more varicose veins directed by massage into previously marked veins under the watch of ultrasound. Most of the time due to the absence of great saphenous veins, this was not regularly a target for therapy. 

Once the foam was installed, the treated limb stayed in a forty-five-degree elevated position for about ten minutes. This makes foam revert to its liquid form. It is done to prevent unfavorable complexities. And it was successful. The quantity of sclerosant foam may range from 5 ml to 17 ml per body organ i.e 1% polidocanol in 2 limbs, 3% in 18 limbs, and 2% in the remaining 55 limbs. The size of the treatment varied from one to four. Then, the professional applies Class II or III thigh-high support compression stockings with additional focused pressure over large varicose veins.  This additional force was applied just after the treatment. This was held for about forty-eight to seventy-two hours. After that, your vein doctor recommended wearing compression stockings during the day for two weeks or comfort in accordance with patients’ desires. In the case of DVT, the surveillance was done from seven to twenty-one days. 


Get the following treatment done only by a vein specialist Houston in order to get effective and permanent results. 

How To Prevent Varicose Vein Recurrence:

Tips to be considered in order to avoid the regrowth of varicose veins:

  • The saphenofemoral junction must be an important part to focus.
  • Prevent long femoral stumps by implementing a ligation flush on the femoral side.
  • The utilization of a silicone application to avoid frequent regrowth after surgery for saphenofemoral reflux depicts a true alternative at 1-year follow-up.

Visit a vein doctor, if you yet have any doubts about the recurrence issues of varicose veins.  

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